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Welcome to the Advocacy Links Blog

We are excited to be able to offer the individuals and families we serve a more in-depth look at topics that are important to their quality of life and help promote inclusion.

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Established in 2012, Advocacy Links has assembled a staff of highly qualified, specialized team members, who serve 34 counties across the northern region of Indiana. While our primary background is serving the disability community, we recognize there are gaps in services across all populations, all communities, and all age groups. Because of this, our support partners are here to serve anyone who needs help. We have built a legacy of knowledgeable respectful supports throughout the state and are prepared to continue to advocate for and educate individuals about the supports and services available so that they can live their best lives regardless of their stage of life. We believe in inclusion, the importance of choice, and that everyone should have access to a day that is structured in a way that is meaningful to them.


Our staff work directly with individuals and their families to help them understand programs and services in their communities, help explain benefits and share helpful resources and information that apply to the family’s needs. We are dedicated to using a person-centered approach to connect people with natural and paid supports, including but not limited to:

• Advocacy

• Resource Sharing

• Education

• Training

• Benefit Counseling


The Advocacy Links Blog will publish short blog posts every other week. Many of our families and supporters are short on time but still want and need information and resources. We will include links to additional information or resources on the topics we are covering as well in each post so you have the option to investigate further (if you like). We are always willing to discuss things more. Please use the “CONTACT US” page on our company website to request additional information or schedule a phone call or appointment. Blog topics will cover a variety of things related to our areas of expertise in service coordination. Some examples of what to expect to see in future blog posts could include:

- Information on Advocacy Link’s programs and services.

- Tips and tricks for finding the right supports and/or services.

- Awareness & Advocacy issues

- Guidance on navigating specific services, transitions, and/or diagnoses.

- Sharing exceptional resources and/or programs


Over the coming months, we will have more announcements about the services that we are developing and starting to offer. If you'd like these emailed to you, enter your email address in the subscribe bar at the bottom of the page.

We have created an Event Calendar where you can look through a chronological list of activities, events, and resources available in Northern Indiana. It is updated regularly and we share snapshots of the upcoming week on our Facebook Page.

Advocacy Links has been expanding our social media presence as well. We now have an Advocacy Links Resource Group on Facebook and a Pinterest Account.

The Advocacy Links Resource Group is where we highlight events as we find them, and encourage others to share things they enjoy or plan on attending. If you want to see these events and resources we have found, as we find them, visit the Resource Group HERE.

Our Pinterest account is a place for us to share some of the great resources and ideas we have found. The account @AdvocacyLinks can be found at You can look through our boards and pins (which are essential website bookmarks) even if you don’t have an account! We’ve started boards that offer interesting resources, information, and inspiration. My favorite board features businesses that are owned by individuals with disabilities and businesses that focus on disability awareness. (Most of the pins in this board, called “Notable Entrepreneurs”, have online stores!)

We are here to help, and we are looking forward to using these platforms to help get the information to you that you want and need. Thanks for looking and check back with us soon!



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