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Child Mental Health Wraparound Supports

Child Mental Health Wraparound Supports is a new offering from Advocacy Links that provides support, resources, and guidance to children, youths, and their families/caregivers in difficult situations.

Wraparound brings together a committed team of individuals from a youth’s family, friends, community, and professional support and utilizes their input to help the youth and their family build a plan of care. The plan of care is then used as a roadmap to help the youth and family move toward their goals and vision by focusing on the youth’s individual strengths and the strengths of their support systems.

Advocacy Links will soon be providing Child Mental Health Wraparound Support Services in northern Indiana.


A youth’s mental health is an incredibly important factor in their overall wellbeing. Mental health affects an individual’s mental, emotional, and behavioral well-being and it directly impacts how they think, feel, act, or react, to difficult situations. Like adults, children and youth, with mental health conditions can struggle with their emotions. They may have difficulty coping with stress and getting through the basic demands of their day can be challenging. Children may not always have the same ability as adults to express what they are feeling and why they are feeling it. (Honestly, this is still challenging for many of us as adults!)


Child Mental Health Wraparound Support is provided to youth who have a diagnosis of serious emotional disturbance that meet eligibility criteria for wraparound supports through the Division of Mental Health and Addiction (DMHA). The goal of this service is to keep children in their homes and community rather than in residential treatment facilities. Wraparound supports are person-centered and tailored to the youth and family with extensive input from the family and the support team. The support team is made up of natural and paid community supports chosen by the youth and their primary caregivers.

The individuals who assist the youth and family in coordinating these services are called Wraparound Facilitators. They work with the youth, family, and a team of individuals the family has selected to determine the unmet needs of the youth. Wraparound Facilitators help bring out the strengths of all team members, ensure planning is person-centered and strength-based, and they help facilitate the development of strategies to assist the youth and family achieve positive outcomes.

The youth and family/caregiver will meet regularly with their selected Wraparound Facilitator. Teams will meet monthly as well as have a weekly check-in with their Wraparound Facilitator. Advocacy Links Facilitators are well connected to their regions and familiar with the resources that are offered in their areas. They are trained in person-centered planning and recognize that youth and family schedules don’t always follow a conventional 9 am – 5 pm schedule. Youth and families can expect that their facilitators will contact and/or meet with them based on their schedules to try to avoid causing undue stress and scheduling conflicts. Advocacy Links Wraparound Facilitators will always return contacts within 24 hours.


Youth and families seeking Wraparound supports will select their provider, and we would love to assist you with your Wraparound supports. Within 48 hours of Advocacy Links receiving a referral and notification that a family has chosen us as their provider, a Wraparound Facilitator will contact the youth and family/caregiver to schedule a meeting. These initial meetings are held within 30 days of the referral, but we will attempt to meet sooner than this to help start the process of establishing these needed supports.

Wraparound Facilitators will check in with the youth, family, and team members weekly to get updates and to ensure that lines of communication are open, consistent, and responsive. Meetings with the team will be held monthly, and during this time care plans will be reviewed and updated if necessary.

While we prefer to meet face to face, we recognize some families have health concerns related to the pandemic and we are willing to accommodate requests for virtual meetings at the family’s request.

Wraparound Services are based on a team model and focused on the needs of the youth and family. The youth and family are expected to be involved in all the meetings and in the development of care plans.

ELIGIBILITY AND WHERE TO START At this time, Advocacy Links is only able to provide Wraparound Support Services to children who meet Home & Community Based Services, Medicaid Eligibility requirements, and who have to meet eligibility criteria through the DMHA.

Eligible children and youths must:

Be between the ages of 6 and 17 years old

Have two or more Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder (DSM) diagnoses

Experience significant emotional/functional impairments that impact their level of functioning at home or in the community.

At least one area of negative impact including mental health, supervision issues, family stress, or substance abuse is demonstratable by the Family/Caregiver.

Anyone can make a referral to establish this service, including (but not limited to) parents, teachers, counselors, coaches, and family members.

To request a referral or assessment, individuals should contact Indiana’s Access Site:

Child Advocates 317-205-3055 -OR- Call 211 to request an assessment.

If you’d like to contact Advocacy Links specifically with questions, we can be contacted via email at or you can leave a message for us at 888-537-5733.


Wraparound Support Services are funded and paid for through the child/youth’s Medicaid, so there is no financial burden on families who wish to use this support.


Wraparound supports help build a team of individuals who are relevant and important in the life of the child, youth, and family that is seeking assistance. Everyone who comes to the table to support the child and family has a strong commitment to their well-being. It is a collaborative approach, that allows input from everyone but gives the youth and family the ability to direct how they want to approach their care.

Advocacy Links Wraparound Facilitators live in the communities that they serve. They have built relationships with individuals and organizations within their communities and are aware of resources in the area that may benefit the youth and family. They are passionate about care coordination and dedicated to ensuring that the services and supports they provide are high fidelity and high quality which helps facilitate a good experience for everyone involved. Our facilitators will connect family/caregivers and youth to the people and processes to help them make decisions, and they will connect them to formal and informal resources and services.

Throughout this process, Advocacy Links Wraparound facilitators will ensure that the family, caregivers, and youth are the ones driving the process, and they will keep the process focused on strengths.

Wraparound results in a group of natural supports surrounding the youth and family to provide encouragement and promote successful relationships.


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