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   First Steps 

   Vocational Rehab 


   Social Security 


   Advocacy Groups 


   Disability Specific


   Autism Community Together (ATC) 

   Answers for Autism

   Indiana Resource Center for Autism

   National Autism Resources

   Autism Speaks

   Autism Support Network

  Blind & Deaf

  Blind & Visually Impaired Services

  Center for Deaf & Hard of Hearing

  League for the Blind & Disabled

  Down’s Syndrome

  Down Syndrome Association

  National Down Syndrome Society

  Cerebral Palsy

  United Cerebral Palsy

  Cerebral Palsy Guidance

  Cerebral Palsy. Org

For more Information on                                          , visit 

For the differences between Medicare and Medicaid, visit 

To view the Center for Advocacy for the Rights and Interests of the Elderly (CARIE) advocacy guide on Community Health Choices, visit

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