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Child Mental Health Wraparound Supports

Supporting Child Mental Health with Wraparound Support Services

Child Mental Health Supports Defined

Child Mental Health supports are provided to youth who have a diagnosis of a serious emotional disturbance. A person-centered treatment plan is built upon the child and family’s strengths to identify the following:

• The unique needs of the child

• Services and strategies that assist the child and family in achieving more positive outcomes in their lives

• To allow families access to needed services so that children do not enter the child welfare or probation system for the sole purpose of accessing services

• To make sure families do not get bounced from agency to agency trying to access services

• To ensure that children are receiving services in the appropriate system

• To build community collaborations through examining current practices and cross-educating community stakeholders on available resources

• To construct a multi-agency approach for all children within communities in order for best outcomes and service conditions

Child Preparing to Leave Home for School, adult female helping him put on a backpack.

Eligibility Guidelines

Individuals must meet HCBS eligibility and Medicaid eligibility guidelines in order to be eligible for CMHW services. To be eligible individuals must:

• Be 6 through 17 years of age

• Have two or more Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Text Revision diagnoses 

• Youth who are experiencing significant emotional and/or functional impairments that impact their level of functioning at home or in the community (e.g., Seriously Emotionally Disturbed classification)

• Demonstrate a level of need by meeting the following criteria:

     - Receive a score of 4 or higher on the Division of Mental Health and Addiction approved assessment tool

     - Have one or more of the following behavioral or emotional needs:

               o Adjustment to trauma

               o Psychosis

               o Debilitating anxiety

               o Conduct problems

               o Sexual aggression

               o Fire-setting

• Demonstrate a significant need in at least one of the family or caregiver areas that results in a negative impact on the applicant’s mental illness:

     - Mental health

     - Supervision issues

     - Family stress

     - Substance abuse

What You Can Expect From Us

• Meet at least monthly as a team to ensure progress on established support goals.


• At least weekly contact with Wraparound  

  facilitator for support and encouragement.

• Connect to natural and community resources to create and maintain ongoing support options.


• Compassionate, knowledgeable, local facilitators who are familiar with resources in your area.

To request a referral and assessment for Child Mental Health Wraparound Supports, contact the State of Indiana's Access Site:


Child Advocates


or call 211 to request an assessment

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